About GiFang

In Chinese Mandarin, Gi means collecting or to collect, Fang means houses or properties, together GiFang means collecting properties, and that’s indeed our responsibility for Chinese property buyers around the world.

GiFang Group Pty Ltd (GiFang) was established in 2010, headquartered at Melbourne, Australia. Since day one, we have been striving to provide the most transparent, complete and timely property information and transaction services to our Chinese buyers, as well as providing our advertisers and vendors with market-leading tools and services in order to maximise their return on investment.

The first day that GiFang.com became online went back to 10th January 2010. We were the world’s 1st Chinese property portal specialised in overseas real estate. For over 6 years, we have been listening to and acting on valuable feedback from numerous clients, including advertisers, real estate agencies, real estate developers, and Chinese buyers, continuously improving our model and services. During these 6 years, not only have we accumulated more than 100,000,000 data points, we have gained incredible experiences and network.

Today, around the world, GiFang works with various industry associations, real estate developers, agencies, banks, financial and insurance firms, legal and accountancy firms, multiple governments from various countries and states, in order to provide one-stop-shop services for Chinese buyers in and outside China mainland. To date, GiFang.com has been visited by over 25,000,000 people, from countries including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, USA, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia and more, covering more than 300 cities around the world.

Since our establishment, based on our hard work and solid network of resources around the world, GiFang has won multiple awards including:

• Top 100 Chinese Companies Outside China (2013) • Innovation in Real Estate Industry (2013) • Special Contribution to Chinese Community (2014) • Telstra Business Award Finalist in Victoria (2015) • Hong Kong and Australia Business Award (2015)

In China, there is an old saying - there is no award that beats your customers’ word of mouth. We sincerely appreciate our clients and customers for their recognition and support, and we shall continue to strive for better products and services, responsibly.


GiFang Group Pty Ltd(集房)成立于2010年,总部位于全球最宜居城市 - 澳大利亚墨尔本。自创办以来,我们通过权威实时的海外房源与市场数据始终致力于为海外购房的华人同胞提供最透明、最及时、最全面的海外房产信息。就像我们的名字一样 - 意味着汇集、聚集、交集,包括了优质房、海外房、天下房 - 这是我们为每一位华人同胞提供的服务,也是我们的责任

集房旗下的中文海外房产平台集房网www.gifang.com 于2011年1月上线,是全球第一个展示海外地产房源的中文信息平台。6年来,我们认真吸取了全球数名华人朋友和海外用户的宝贵建议,不断进行迭代与改版,同时对业务模式进行了优化和改善。6年间,除了超过1亿数据点,我们积累的更多是宝贵的经验和人脉。



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